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Website Maintenance

EURO INFOTEK offers website maintenance services in AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) packages with non-expiring maintenance hours for companies that require website maintenance, content revision and updating services for their corporate website but don't want the expense and commitment of a staff position.

An ongoing process of keeping the website information validated, spell checked and up-to-date is called website maintenance, which is an important business strategy for successful website. If your site is not updated regularly, visitors will not interested to return on it again and apart from this there are several other factors which enforces a web site owner to maintain it regularly.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

  • No need to spend extra human resource for regular maintenance of the web site.
  • Keep your web site fresh and accurate for your customers by updating your web site easily and regularly.
  • Updating the complex functionalities.
  • Reducing errors with the help of skilled personnel.
  • Decreasing downtime for the web site.
  • Improving client satisfaction.

For Example

  • To update or add new information.
  • To improve or enhance web site design.
  • To respond to visitor's feedback after analysis.
  • To correct errors and design issues.
  • To start advertisement or other commercial program.

We make website maintenance a simple, stress-free experience and take all or parts of these responsibilities off your shoulders.

Our multi-step quality control process ensures that your website gets the attention to detail and accuracy that is essential for your site's success. Communications are easily handled with e-mail, fax and telephone. You can expect to receive a telephone or email reply with production timelines from our team within 24 hours from receipt of your web site maintenance request during our normal business week of Mon-Fri. We always try to accommodate any rush or emergency changes from our clients.



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